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Three Folk Studies  (solo guitar)

1. The Home Fields   (RCM grade 8)
2. Folk Psalm  (RCM grade 7)
3. Good News  (RCM grade 9)   Recorded by Michael Bracken


The Tenth Street Collection   (solo guitar)

Recorded by James Brown on “The Home Fields”


  1. Between the Dusk Clouds
  2. Front Porch Peace
  3. Enigma
  4. Rain Drop Study
  5. She’s in the Garden
  6. Banjo

Also recorded on “The Home Fields
by James brown, Ernie Tollar and Jim Vivian:

Try and Try Again
River Dancing
Folk Psalm
Blues on a G String
The Home Fields
Rose of the Toreador
Elegy for a Young Man

A Homage to Leo Brouwer (solo guitar)  performed by Jeffery McFadden


Sonata 1998  (solo guitar)

  1. Quiet Introductions
  2. Simplicity
  3. Fugue
  4. Complexities and Recollections  (RCM: any two movements=ARCT)  


Three Impromptus (1989)  (solo guitar)   performed by Jeffery McFadden

Impromptu No 3

Four Original Works 
(solo guitar)

  • 1. Variations on a Canadian Folk Song  (the house carpenter)    (RCM grade 9)
  • Sarabande (RCM grade 6)
  • A Short Homage to Leo Brouwer (RCM grade 7)
  • Toronto Folk Song 

    Recorded by Michael Bracken on “Good News” (ATMA)
    Recorded by Christopher Lee and James Brown
    on “Bailar Conmigo”  (Manor House)


Short Pieces and Studies 
(solo guitar)                                                          
Volume One:

  1. Study 1
  2. Study 2
  3. Ariette
  4. Note Study
  5. Romance
  6. African Lullaby
  7. Scary Bass Study
  8. Very Scary Bass Study (RCM grade 2)
  9. A Distant Twang
  10. Bells (RCM grade 3)
  11. Big City Blues (RCM grade 1)
  12. Organum
  13. Storm Watch

Volume Two:

  1. Branle
  2. Chimes
  3. Prelude
  4. Dirge
  5. Berceuse
  6. Les Vielles


Three Phases of a Dance (For Three Guitars)
Performed by the Montreal Guitar Trio    


Three sketches
(for guitar ensemble: 4 parts)

  1. Dreamscape with Apparition
  2. June Blossom
  3. The Kings Fiddle

Premiered by the University of Toronto Guitar Ensemble conducted by Jeffery Mcfadden.

Performed by the McMaster Guitar Quartet

Three Themes by Lennon and McCartney                             (for guitar ensemble: 4 parts)

Performed by the University of Toronto Guitar Ensemble conducted by Jeffery Mcfadden.



Four Pretudes  (solo guitar)

No 1  Moderato
No 2  Sonorously and sustained
No 3  Allegro
No 4  (recorded by James Brown on “The Home Fields”)

Listen to Pretude No. 4


 Lead sheets from the Album “Sevendaze”


  1. Three Bags Full
  2. June Blossom
  3. Mr. JV
  4. Fugue
  5. Shine
  6. Central Eastern part one
  7. Central Eastern part two
  8. Sevendays
  9. Simple Steps

Lead sheets from “First Dance”


  1. Bye Bye Beatrice
  2. Jane 35
  3. Toronto Folk Song
  4. First Dance
  5. Gigue-Jag
  6. Sarabande
  7. The Road Back to Wakami
  8. Go Train Blues

More tunes:

The Straights of Balladry
The Circle
Paper Airplane
The Writ
A Road Less Travelled
Something Missing
Nice Folk
Where’s the Bridge

Case of You (Joni  Mitchell  arr: James Brown)
Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young arr: James Brown)
Magical Mystery Tour (Lennon/McCartney arr: James Brown)